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Latest Travel Guidelines

Update: 20th August 2021-  We do not require a PCR or Antigen test or a Vaccination certificate to take our tour. However, We expect all our adventure seekers to be conscious of their health and wellbeing. Please follow the common sense of personal hygiene, and all the personal health and safety measures to keep healthy. We expect that anyone entering the Czech Republic goes through the latest government health protocals and we do not require any extra paperwork to take our tour.

We as a company are passionate about living in harmony with Earth, this beautiful home of ours, the environment, and each other. Through our travel, we have also witnessed the secrets of living healthy. We encourage our visitors to keep their health and safety as a priority and if they don’t feel well before their tour start date, let us know and we will be happy to postpone their tour to later dates or cancel it if you can’t make it. Either way, you are always protected by our Covid Money back guarantee.

We are trying to make our tours as accessible as possible among all the chaos going around the world, so you could spend time in nature with our positive, enthusiastic, and loving guide who will supercharge you with good energy and hope. Hope to see you soon!!

Our Most Popular

One-Day Trips from Prague

Ever wanted to visit Narnia? Dive into a magical journey with Bohemia Adventures in the famous Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park. These are the most popular one-day trips from Prague.

Our Most Popular

One-Day Trips from Prague

Looking for a day out of Prague? Explore Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park on One of these most popular hiking trips from Prague.

Exclusive Access Alert: While Pravcicka Gate is closed to the public during weekdays and open only from Friday to Saturday, Bohemia Adventures secures you a VIP entry any day! Our guests enjoy special weekday access to Pravcicka gate without the crowds. This exclusive access is a Bohemia Adventures speciality, not available through any other agency.

Reserve your exclusive adventure today and step beyond the ordinary! Our Winter fairytale tour becomes more magical with plenty of time to spend in the majestic Pravcicka Gate.

Unique Tours that combine experiences

Bohemia Adventure’s Exclusive Tours from Prague


Explore hidden beauty of Czechia in very unique ways!

Try something Adventurous This Year

Do you want to Explore this national park in more fun ways than hiking?  How about taking one of our adventure tours out of Prague in the beautiful Czech countryside? It’s fun for even first-timers (All training/lessons, gear, and equipment are provided for an all-inclusive adventure day out of Prague. Please note that these adventure tours are subject to weather conditions and seasons.

A little About Bohemia Adventures

One of the unique experiences with Bohemia Adventures is our stories. We have travelled around the globe and lived, worked, and explored almost all the continents and over 60 countries.  We do our best to make our tours appealing to all our beautiful guests from around the world. Bohemia Adventures family is truly international yet 100% local to support the growth of our region.

Our mission is to do everything possible to expand human consciousness and potential. We do that by creating unique experiences in nature, by making tours more environmentally sustainable, and by creating a team that is equally passionate about the planet, human growth, and the place of adventure in our life. Our activities are making a positive impact in the community where we live and work. Read more about the story of Bohemia Adventures.

Bohemia Adventures just won the Viator Experience Awards 2023 which also tells you why you should choose Bohemia Adventures for your outdoor trip when visiting the Czech Republic.

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Why Choose Bohemia Adventures?

Quality and trust are the backbones of our business, along with our other core values. We are 100% locally owned and family operated based in Bohemian Switzerland. We provide unforgettable and highly customer-focused Day Trips from Prague.  We are passionate about Eco-Tourism, and we practice what we preach.


For a personal experience. Join a small group of like-minded travellers that, like you, are eager to safely and confidently experience all the things that make our world worth exploring.

Best-Quality-Tour-Bohemian-National-Park   Free Cancellation
We know that life happens, and you may need to change your travel plans unexpectedly. We offer FREE cancellation until 24 hours before your tour starts with a FULL refund for our small group tours.

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We are unique
Unlike others, we offer extra transport between the main attractions so that you hike on the most beautiful trails to enjoy the BEST PARTS without the unnecessary walking 6km along main roads.

Best crew
From the first contact, through the duration of your tour, and until you are back in your hotel again, we are with you. We are here to make a long-lasting relationship. We are a conscious agency. Your happiness is our core goal.

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You’re in good hands
Our highly qualified and experienced guides have travelled around the world and speak excellent English. Many tour guides are multilingual so it’s quite possible that they speak your native language.

Last Minute Bookings
You can book your tour in less than 12 hrs before your tour start time! YES, we are flexible enough to save your spot even at 8 PM for the next day. Check our Last-Minute Deals and get on board.

Best day trips from Prague-Customer Reviews

Bohemia Adventures has 600+ reviews on Tripadvisor, Certificate of Excellence, 5 Star on Google, Facebook and Tripadvisor. Since its start, it has been rated the best adventure agency in Bohemian Switzerland, and the 2023 Viator Experience award winner in the Central-East Europen region.

Viator Experience Awards 2023: Top 20 for Eastern Europe
varuns2182 Avatar
5 star rating
5 out of 5 stars
A memorable Bohemian outing! Ross - the boss, was our tour guide! He was very knowledgeable, friendly & the perfect guide. He kept us engaged during the whole trip, which is not an easy job to do.. the people accompanying me were also great. The trek itself wasn’t hard by any means, if you’re reasonably healthy it’s a cake walk. All in all great experience & a memorable day.
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963sris Avatar
5 star rating
5 out of 5 stars
Bohemian Rhapsody This is a must see for anyone visiting Prague . We were a group of 12 people that included adults and teens. Sam and Markus were our tour guides for this experience . They were kind enough to pick us up from the hotel around 740 AM . We met rest of the group in the van and the journey first took us to start hiking all the way up (around 2.5 miles, round trip is closer to 5 miles) to see the Pravcicka Gate. The hike could be deemed easy to moderate as you walk along the gravel path and then some regular hiking trails. Breathtaking views are aplenty on the way to the top. (One sad note was we saw a lot of burnt trees due to a forest fire allegedly set fire by a park ranger ) . Photos do not do justice to the incredible beauty and splendor of the park. Pravcicka Gate is one of Europe's biggest natural arch. After having a quick lunch at the cafe after a short ride from the hiking trail we headed to see the Kamenice Gorge. The boat ride is spectacular, but to get to the boat ride, you walk down close to mile to reach the boat launch area. The serene beauty of the gorge invites you into a window of magical views of nature that goes back millions of years. One thing to remember is the hike back up on top will qualify as a hard hike . Take your time to get back to the top. After a quick stop at the ice cream place we headed to admire the natural wonder of Bastei Bridge in Germany's Saxon Switzerland National Park. The views are simply extraordinary. We enjoyed this trip so much thanks to Markus and Sam who were amazing tour guides and had a great sense of humor. This trip was made memorable thanks to Sam and Markus. Will definitely recommend this to anyone visiting Prague. It is just one hour and 45 min away from Prague. This tour will take close to 12 hours. The other great experience was meeting some new people in the van . This is a 5 star experience.
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A Message from the founder: Responsible Travel to make a difference

Here at Bohemia Adventures, we are super proud to say that every aspect of our tours has been designed to not only provide our guests with an incredible adventure but also to be as environmentally sustainable as we possibly can. Every tour you book with us makes a difference in the lives of many by providing clean water, planting trees and giving love. Explore more about Bohemian Foundation and see how you create a change when booking a tour with us.

Bohemian & Saxon Switzerland- A Must Visit Natural Wonder

With its stunning valleys, rocky canyons, deep caves, and colorful sandstone formations, Bohemian & Saxon Switzerland are among the most picturesque locations in Europe. From the awe-inspiring Bastei rock formation to the mystical Königstein Fortress, From the mind-blowing formations of Tisa Labyrinth Rocks to the Highest sandstone arch of Europe, Pravcicka brana. From the mystical valleys of Elbe to the hidden rivers of Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland. This national park is full of surprises and wilderness and should be on your must-visit places list when you travel to the Czech Republic
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