Bohemian Switzerland is one of the finest places to crack out those hiking shoes. It has endless offerings for adventurers of all levels. The well maintained trails of this national park are ready for just about anyone to discover the beauty of Bohemian Switzerland on foot.

When it comes to picking the best hiking trips in Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National park, there are many choices. This primarily depends on whether you’re looking for an intense hike or a leisurely stroll. The good news is, there’s a hiking tour here for everyone. If you are thinking of taking a hiking tour in this national park, we would love to tell you that you are making a great decision. There are many well-maintained hiking trails in this national park which makes it famous among some of the most beautiful trails in the Czech Republic.


Gorges of Kamenice river in the middle of Bohemian Switzerland is our Fairyland walk

Best Hiking trips in Bohemian Switzerland: Which day trip to choose?

Here are the 2 most epic hiking tours to take, offered by Bohemia Adventures.


1. Two countries in One day: Top Highlights of Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland

When we look for moderate hiking trips in Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland this particular one day tour is probably the best-designed tour among many tour operators in this region. The sheer brilliance of the tour designers and organizers makes it probably the best tour to Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland national park. Let’s have a look at some of the main highlights of this tour:


  • This tour will take you to the best 3 highlights of the national park, the main spots being – Hiking to Pravicicka Gate, Riverside hiking and boat ride in The Gorges of the Kamenice River and the last highlight of the tour will take you to Bastei Bridge in Saxon Switzerland Germany. This all in one day!


  • Well, other companies offer the same so what is the difference? Now the best part is coming! The total hiking distance for this awesome tour is only 10 km or 6 miles in a forest on partially rugged terrain. That includes a 1,5-hour-long walk (walking with no special gear required) to reach the Pravcicka Gate monument. Overcoming some stone stairs during the tour is necessary to reach the highlights.


  • The pace of the tour will be modest for someone who is used to hike. But it can be challenging for some first-time hikers. We do not recommend taking this tour in case you are ongoing a healing time with your ankle, leg, knee, etc. if you feel that this could be too difficult for you. But even families with smaller kids and active elderly people enjoy our epic day trip from Prague to discover the best what our park can offer.


Beautiful picture of Pravčická Archway
Pravcicka Gate is the main highlight of the national park


What is the difference between This Tour and similar tours from Other Tour Operators in the region?

We understand that It is always hard to choose which tour operator to travel with especially when many other tour operators are offering similar hiking trips in Bohemian Switzerland to this tour. So how do you choose which tour operator is best for you? The simple answer is – we are locals and thanks to our perfect organisation inside of the Bohemian and Switzerland National park, we are able to offer you visiting more highlights without wasting your time and energy on unnecessary hiking along the main uninteresting roads. Here are the main differences:


  • Extra transport inside of the national park– Bohemia Adventures provides you with a special private driver and transport inside of the national park so you don’t have to walk on the main road. No other tour operators do that!


  • We keep you only on the most beautiful parts of the park and the trail we take has the best scenic views. We save you at least 6 km of walk on the main road compare to similar moderate hikes from other tour companies. Their moderate hike of the similar highlights is walking almost 20 km and a big part of it is on the main road.


  • Exploring Hřensko village is part of the tour too as our VIP Newly renovated restaurant Stara Plynarna (Old Gashouse) is located right in the middle. This building itself is a highlight of this national park and you will be treated to a delicious lunch, locally crafted beer and other beverages. Homemade international and traditional local dishes including vegetarian and vegan options will simply ´wowed´ your day and are already included in your tour.


Stara Plynarna - Old Gas House restaurant
Our restaurant Stara Plynarna in the middle of the national park


  • The foremost different still is that we travel around the world and everyone working behind Bohemia Adventures is a genuine backpacker and traveller and we completely understand the international requirement of our guests and we know how to make it happen. No extra waiting in the lines, no extra charges or fees, the professional guide always with you to provide you with the most interesting details about our park and Czechia in general.


2. Easy walking tour to Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland  

Our next selection of the best hiking trips to Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland is this Easy walking tour. If you are not really enjoying an idea of our full-day hiking trip, but you would still like to visit and spend a beautiful day in the middle of the national park without hiking 10 km (6 miles), we have a perfect shortcut for you! Here are the highlights of this tour.


  • This tour consists of 6 km (4 miles) easy walk accessible for everyone – It is recommended even for families with small kids or elderly people, who want to explore Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland national park but at the same time, don’t need to walk a lot to exhaust themself.


  • Choose if you prefer to walk up to Pravcicka Gate (harder option) or if you rather pick a super easy option: The Gorges of the Kamenice River walk with a 20 min boat ride. This easy tour will allow you spending more time exploring the centre of the national park village Hrensko – a great place for shopping for souvenirs, as it is right on the border with Germany and everything is duty-free – plus offers a perfect spot for a relaxing walk along the river and massive sandstone rocks.


  • This tour will take you to the best 2 highlights of the national park, the main spots being – Either Hiking to Pravcicka Gate or Riverside walking with a boat ride in The Gorges of the Kamenice River. The last highlight is of course Bastei Bridge in Saxon Switzerland Germany., which is literally only 15 min walk from the car park.


Bastei Bridge in Germany
Bastei Bridge in Saxon Switzerland offers amazing panoramic views across the German and Czech side! This highlight is part of our every walking tour.


What are the similarities and differences between these two tours?

Not sure which of these two tours to choose from? Here are the similarities and differences between these best two hiking trips to bohemian Switzerland.


Differences between the best hiking trips in Bohemian Switzerland


  • In the easy tour compare to the moderate tour you will have less distance to walk. The reason being you skip one of the first highlights from the moderate tour. You can either go to the Pravicicka gate or take an easier hike and boat ride in The Gorges of the Kamenice River.
  • Please remember you can also change your easy hike to a moderate hike if you like. It is entirely up to you which one would you like to take. Just inform us beforehand or let our guide know on the way to the national park so we can organize it flawlessly.


Similarities of these best hiking trips in Bohemian Switzerland


  • Both of these two tours take you for private la carte lunch in Stara Plynarna one of the oldest restaurants in this national park and a highlight of its own. We provide you with an internationally designed menu with pictures for pre-order as well as order on arrival.


  • One of the highlights of both of these tours the Bastei bridge in Germany (Saxon Switzerland part of the national park) is common for both of the tours.


  • Both of the tours include free snacks and water throughout the day. Both tours take you into our new modern van for max of 8 guests. So you will always be travelling in small for a more personnel experience.


  • Both of these tours include a professional friendly guide. The majority of our guides speak multiple languages which one of our guide selection criteria. So Don’t be surprised if our guides speak your language.


  • Both of these tours take around 10 hrs from picking you up in the morning from your hotel in Prague to dropping you back off in your hotel. Returning time around 6.30 pm is also subject to traffic on the road.


  • All our tours included all the entries and fees to the national park and highlights etc– There are no extra charges on the tour. We look after everything so you can focus on enjoying your day.


  • Both these tours support our responsible tourism policy. We support local businesses and do everything possible to make sure our customers get an amazing experience and fun time in nature. We take you to the beaten path spots known only between locals so you are up for a treat.


Are you ready for a hiking trip in Bohemian Switzerland?


Recommendation for a hiking trip in Bohemian Switzerland 

Despite the fact that which of these tours you take. We will make sure you have an amazing time in the national park. Here are a few of our recommendations and guidelines that will help you to have the best time on your day trip.


  • We would strongly recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes for uneven surfaces (such as sneakers).


  • You don’t need any special equipment for the tour, just the clothes you feel comfortable in when walking in nature based on the weather forecast. We will inform you about the expected weather one day before the tour.


  • We provide you with free hiking equipment such as hiking poles, raincoats, backpack, sun protection and way more so you don’t have to worry about any hiking equipment.


  • During the winter season, we provide you with our warm gloves, hats. We also provide Anti-Slip Ice & Snow Grips for your shoes for your safety walking on the snow and ice. Therefore you don’t have to worry about carrying these extras.


  • We keep a professional first aid kit in our van. Apart from it Our guides also carry a portable first aid kit with them everywhere you go on the tour. In case of any emergency, we are prepared and our guides are trained for basic first aid.


  • Please remember to bring your ID for the tour as a trip to Germany is part of the tour. Because we will be crossing international borders so ID checks can happen there so it is better to be ready.



Hiking is a meditation and it is all about enjoying the walk, spending your time in nature. It is about appreciating the amazing views nature has to offer. Remember hiking is not racing, and there is no need for you to compete with anyone else. The point of hiking is not who will get to the top first, but who will enjoy it the most. It is about making the best memories in their heart.

Always hike at your own pace is our mantra and your tour guide are here for you to make sure, that you don’t necessarily push yourself. We always travel in small groups and our guides are here to make sure you make the best out of your trip. So we are waiting for you to say Yes to New Bohemia Adventures.


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