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Talk to us about what you would like or want to try and we’ll plan activities to suit you.
Check out other Must Do’s and Must See Sights that you can incorporate into your custom adventure holiday.  BOHEMIA ADVENTURES can create a huge range of adventure activities.

Adventure sports

The Czech Republic is famous for its adventure experiences. If you’re interested in pushing your limits with bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, rafting or even motorbike hire, we can help you to find the best providers.


Fishing Trips

We can help you to organise game fishing for your group – whether you’re looking for a single day or a longer trip. If you prefer river or lake fishing, Bohemia Adventures can prepare a tailor-made fishing itinerary.


Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a fun yet intense team development program designed to bring group dynamics, problem-solving and tactical survival to the fore. With activities tailored for all fitness levels, participants will enjoy the great outdoors as they work in teams to overcome the many and various physical and mental challenges directed by our boot camp instructors.

These activities have a strong focus on developing teamwork, leadership, trust, communication, and decision making under fatigue.

Boot Camp is tailored made to suit your individual needs. Just tell us what sort of training you’re looking for and Bohemia Adventures will custom design a program to suit the needs of your team.


Corporate Adventure travel

The ultimate bonding experience to motivate and empower your team.
Investing in your team makes good HR sense and a corporate adventure can help to engage your team, improve awareness and unlock their potential.

Each itinerary can be customised, allowing you to choose from many options like returning to a comfortable hotel with internet connectivity at the end of the day or unplugging completely to soak up the night sky at your campsite.

Other-Boot Camp

School trips and Youth Adventure travel

Sustainable and meaningful learning experiences for students

It’s our philosophy towards safety, community, philanthropy, student self-development and the environment that sets us apart from other school travel providers, as well as the fact that our student travel programs are designed to make it very, very easy for teachers.

Tailor-Made Itineraries: Every school and teacher has different needs, that’s why we’re happy to tailor your trip exactly to your requirements – and budget.

Price & Value Guarantee: Too often we see school group expeditions that are unnecessarily overpriced, which ultimately means some students will miss out on a potentially life-changing experience.

Other - School trip

Everyone needs at least one adventure in their life, so we do our best to make our services as accessible as we can. When your holiday is custom-designed to your needs, you get the trip you really want. You can be as spontaneous and adventurous – or relaxed and idle – as you please. 

You’ll get an itinerary to suit your budget, your time limits, and your passions. This means every itinerary – and the costs associated – is unique.

We use the local insider knowledge of our expert travel specialists; giving you a flexible itinerary for your personalised bespoke journey and an experience like no other.

Prices quoted are not fixed until booking is confirmed and first deposit is paid. You can find our Terms and Conditions of payment here BOHEMIA ADVENTURES TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF BOOKING. 


Exhilarating outdoor sports come with risks – they wouldn’t be so thrilling if they didn’t.

As adventure sport and activity experts, BOHEMIA ADVENTURES works hard with providers to keep you safe throughout your Czech Republic journey, no matter what you’re doing.

This is how BOHEMIA ADVENTURES  works:

  • Rental companies are chosen based on their safety standards and the level of safety training they go through.
  • All the guides and instructors we use are appropriately qualified and experienced.
  • We communicate clearly with our clients about safety responsibility during different sections of itineraries, we ask our customers to read and sign waivers to ensure they understand the responsibilities.
  • We highly recommend appropriate travel insurance for your trip – check that your provider covers adventure sports such as mountain biking, climbing, and races.

You must be honest with the BOHEMIA ADVENTURES and any providers about your skill level for your chosen sport, so appropriate activities can be selected. Failure to do so may incur further costs and require changes to the itinerary.

Czech Republic’s changeable weather can have a major impact on activities. BOHEMIA ADVENTURES and its providers reserve the right to cancel activities if necessary due to weather conditions. For example, choices of river or trail may have to be changed.

It is important to note that you are responsible for your own safety during independent sections of the itinerary. BOHEMIA ADVENTURES will provide a level of information as part of our service to you, however, it is vital that this is reviewed alongside other information sources, your own knowledge and experience to make your own safety decisions about an activity based on the risks and dynamic risks perceived by you at the time.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about our safety standards

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