Bohemia Adventures is staffed by a team of highly motivated and experienced travel professionals and adventure seekers who know the Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park inside and out.

It is an absolute blessing to hang out with these amazing human beings with interesting stories and a great sense of humour.  You will meet our amazing guides on your tour. You will also speak with our super amazing tour coordinators prior to your tour to organise the best day out of Prague for you. For now, here is a brief introduction to the Best tour guides of the Czech Republic 😉 AKA Bohemia Adventures Team.


My name is Vladka, but everyone calls me Mooris. I grew up here, in the most pristine, magical and yet unknown part of the Czech Republic, the Bohemian Switzerland National park. That was enough to set me for a life of adventure. Because of my origin, I´m passionate about outdoor sports and activities, travelling, discovering new places and meeting new people – anything that involves the freedom and exhilaration of the great outdoors.

Bohemia Adventures is my attempt to make a bigger impact on this beautiful planet. It gives me an opportunity to support some of the most important projects for environmental preservation, saving forests and wildlife, and contributing to many other pro-planet projects. My job is to make sure you have an amazing and unique experience travelling with us. I am the first guide, coordinator and founder of Bohemian Adventures and I welcome you to the Czech Republic. 

Tour Coordinator/ Guide

Ahoy! I´m Tereza. I was born in our capital city Prague. Since my mum put me in scout as a little kid, I´d spent lots of time playing in nature. I love outdoor activities, especially boardsports, skiing and hiking. Therefore I moved from a big city to a little Austrian village, then Canada and also I travelled to many other countries. I realised that part of my soul belongs to the mountains and ocean. Travelling is connecting people and nations and that´s what I enjoy the most!

I am one of the first people you'll be speaking with when taking a tour with us. I am a link between you and our amazing tour guides. Some of you lucky ones may get a chance to be on a tour with me personally when I am guiding in these beautiful Bohemian mountains.

Seniour Tour Guide

My name is Honza (but some guests also call me Han Solo). It's like John or Jan for international guests. I am an outdoor sports enthusiast. I was born in Paradise – Bohemian Paradise and in this place, I started to love sports. I am interested in rock climbing, MTB, canyoning, hiking, rafting, paragliding and winter sports. Basically, any activity that lets me spend time out in nature.

For the last few years, I´ve been working in Bohemia Adventures as a guide and instructor of outdoor activities. I am proud to show people one of the most beautiful places in Czechia. I am one of the senior Tour guides here with hundreds of FIVE STAR reviews. It gives me so much happiness to meet our international guests and make them feel at home the moment I meet them. Did I tell you that I have the best sense of humour?  I am looking forward to meeting you, hearing your stories and sharing some of mine. 

Guide/ Digital Producer

Bohemia Adventures is an opportunity for me to be involved in a higher purpose. My job involves spending a huge amount of time out in nature, exploring and experimenting with adventures first-hand. It's an extraordinary set of people that I work with, with a lifestyle of exploring nature, spreading awareness of nature preservation and connecting with people to make the world a better place to live. My work also gives me an opportunity to be part of some of the most vital environmental projects for well being of this planet and life itself.

I absolutely love being outdoors and spending time in nature with our amazing guests from all around the world. If you are on a tour with me, I'll be happy to share some of the breathing techniques that I learned through my travel and of course lots of interesting facts about this region and its nature. 

Tour Guide

Hi! My name is Sam. I've got a serious case of wanderlust which somehow brought me here to the beautiful Czech republic. I grew up in Tasmania, Australia surrounded by national parks, rivers, mountains and wildlife. I fell in love with Bohemian Switzerland from the moment I first went there, and I hope you will too! I love exploring and meeting new people. I warmly welcome you to the Czech Republic!

Tour Guide

Hey! I'm Petr, I was born in northern Bohemia and spend a big part of my childhood and teenage years in Jetřichovice, the beautiful heart of the Bohemian Switzerland national park.
During my 20's and early 30's, I lived in Ireland and Spain, where I met so many of my amazing friends.
I love nature, photography, music and connecting with new and interesting people 🙂 Bohemia Adventures provides me with an opportunity to create a working environment that I also call my hobby.

Tour Guide

Hi, My name is Sebastian and I am an actor/musician from Prague. I speak Czech, French, English and German and a pathetic amount of Spanish. Half Czech-half french I am a child of the European Union. I love to travel, It gives me the freedom to explore the world and new people. Being with Bohemia Adventures gives me the same opportunity to meet new people and other cultures in my home country and explore its own beauties.

Working with Bohemia Adventures, and meeting so many amazing people I discovered how many wonderful things are there right in your own backyard. But this time please do come to see ours! :), I would like to welcome you to the wonderland of Bohemian Switzerland!!

Tour coordinator/ Social Media Manager

Hello, My name is Sarlota and I was born in the beautiful Bohemia Switzerland national park as well. I was raised by my parents as a passionate adventurer and traveller. During my studies in Media and Communication, I was living in Spain and travelled most of Europe. After I finished college I started to work for Bohemia Adventures as a Tour Coordinator and social media manager.

In my free time, I love all kinds of outdoor activities and meeting new people. I am looking forward to helping you with organizing the best adventure in the Czech Republic. I know this area so well that it gets me very excited to organise an amazing day out for our international guests. 

Tour Guide

I’m a person, who loves to share the joy of life with others. I love to move in nature and meet new people, so it’s great for me to work as a tour guide because I’m doing something that makes me feel great and then I can share it with you. Looking forward to meeting you on our tour!

Tour Guide

Hello, guys My name is Monika and I will be happy to be your guide.
I'm from the Moravian part of the Czech Republic, where all alcohol production of Europe meets - beer, wine and liqueurs. That's why I will always encourage everyone in a party mood and support you during your hard morning after a wild night.
My passion is dance and languages. Because during normal dance you usually don't talk, I chose to dance through forests with foreigners.
It's possible that on the tour with me I will also have my dog Čiko. He is a cute little cloud so he is used to being called Claudy.
Looking forward to our adventures together

Tour Guide

Hi! I'm Christina and I moved to the Czech Republic for its beauty! Being a cinematographer, I'm always on the hunt for the most beautiful places, and I definitely found one, in Bohemian Switzerland! I love being in nature, doing all kinds of outdoor sports, and enjoying views. Being half Swiss and half Czech, I'm destined for Bohemian Switzerland! 😉
I love going on adventures, meeting people, being in nature, doing all kinds of outdoor sports, and enjoying views. I'm looking forward to welcoming you to these beautiful mountains.

Tour Guide

Hi, my name is Warren. My love for the outdoors started at a young age in South Africa. As a boy scout, I learnt about nature and developed respect and awe for all it contains. My love for all things outdoors was solidified when I started to guide for a hotel in a game park, safari tours by car and on horseback. This sparked a deep love and a need to experience the natural world.

I've walked the deserts of Dubai and explored the forests of Germany, but I couldn't feel more at home with Bohemia adventures where I get to experience some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring areas the world has to offer. Nature at its best! 

Here are some members of our Previous Team that were part of our family Before the global pandemic shook the world. With so many memories and tours, they will always be our friends and part of Bohemia Adventures’ story. Amazing to see that our ex-team members are doing so well in their life and keeping the spirit of travelling alive.


I was born in Prague but my mind has been always in the mountains! The last five years I've spent running around the world in the highest mountains. I am one of the leading runners in the World Trail Championship for the last few years. Bohemia Adventures fits perfectly with my lifestyle of being outdoor and working with people with similar interests. In fact, I am lucky to call it a job. I lived in Argentina for many years so I am happy to speak to you in Spanish or English. I'm one of the first points of contact in Bohemia Adventures


I was born and grew up in the Giant Mountains. Since I was a boy, I have been passionate about sports, outdoor activities (from football to cross-country skiing) and education (from mathematics to history and languages). At 18 I moved to Prague and has been in love with it since then – consequently, I became a Prague tour guide and a jazz big band manager. I have travelled most of Europe, both coasts of the U.S. and a bit of Australia. To me, travelling is expanding my life horizons and meeting new people is an exciting way to learn more about myself and humanity.


I´ve been running since early childhood and thanks to that I attended many high-altitude training camps that made me fall in love with mountains and the outdoors in general. I currently study Sports management at Masaryk University Brno and besides that help the international student, who arrive to study in the Czech Republic. Hence, being a guide in Bohemian Switzerland connects my two passions- being in the outdoors and helping people explore the beauties of the Czech Republic.


Hi everybody, my name is Adam and I am a passionate traveller and a big dreamer. I really like to discover new cultures, meet new people and listen to their different points of view about life. One of my biggest dreams is to visit every single country all around the world and I believe I can do it. I also enjoy hiking in the mountains where I can be surrounded by nature. What can be better than taking a break from the rush of the city and being immersed in a calm and peaceful environment of nature? Bohemia Adventures fits perfectly in line with my life plans.


Hi, my name is Jana and I was born and raised in the Giant mountains, therefore mountains are my fave place to be. During winter I work as a ski and snowboard instructor. I am currently a master's degree student in Arts and Design in Prague and try to spend each summer abroad. Once finished with school, I would love to travel the world, improve in surfing, enjoy powder (snow) and discover new places. Bohemia Adventures is an awesome bunch of people to work and be with.  I already feel like exploring the world by meeting amazing people every day on our awesome tours.

Bohemia Adventures