Responsible Tourism in the Czech Republic

Responsible travel is as much about choices and understanding as it is about action. It is all about having a positive impact on the environment and the people who live in the areas you choose to travel to. It’s about minimizing our footprint, immersing yourself in local cultures, being aware of traditions and local etiquette, and respecting your surroundings.

By traveling responsibly you will make a positive contribution to your destination, you will make the most of the experiences you have with the people you meet and you will leave with inspiring travel experiences that you’ll treasure forever!

Bohemia Adventure believes in supporting the local environment, economy, and people, working only with partners who support and share our core Responsible Travel values.

Our Roadmap to Responsible Travel

We are working towards our next mission to raise our charity body Bohemian Foundation to contribute more towards the life of people in this region. We also doing our contribution to change the lives of many around the world through our carefully selected charity partners. Our mission is to educate people about creating a deeper connection with nature, fellow humans, plant and trees. Our local goal is to create opportunities for local employment and providing support to wildlife.

Currently, Bohemia Adventures acts as a clearinghouse that operates daily in accordance with our responsible tourism policy for all sustainable tourism matters in the national park. Our immediate action plan is mainly focused on supporting a number of environmental, ecological and social tourism projects in Bohemian Switzerland NP. We also target to implement actions that will minimize the impacts of the increasing travel industry on the natural, human and built environment.

Soon you will be able to visit our organic retreat centre where we aim to put our thoughts into action and celebrate Inner adventure with Outer adventure.

Learn- Implement- Build-Care-Love-Connect

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Your Participation

When you book a tour or Stay in Bohemian Switzerland with us you are already becoming a part of a bigger picture. A part of the money that you spend with us goes towards making the life of this planet more beautiful.

When you book a tour with us you are supporting these beautiful causes

  • About 70% of our physical body is made of water. Clean water is also a natural healing method for our body.  Access to clean water is a must-have human necessity. Sadly even in the 21st century, a huge innocent human population is dying because they don’t have access to clean water. We strongly believe that something must be done towards this cause. To make an impact for this beautiful and important cause, when you book a tour with us, a part of your money goes towards Providing Clean water to Many around the world. To achieve this goal we support Charity Water. We truly believe that they are making a massive impact on the lives of many around the world. So you don’t just have an amazing time in nature. You do so while helping your fellow human beings live a healthy life.


  • We think love and care must be on the priority list of being a human being. We organise a bohemian foundation day to take kids living in local orphanage home along with elders from local Retirement home to have a fun blast day in Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland. Together we spend a full day doing different adventure and fun activities here. A day spent with them with all the love and care that we can provide adds a huge value to their lives and so to ours. Every tour you book with us sponsors a day of love and care to those who usually forgotten by society. Plus the money goes back to the National Park.


  • A part of your money that you is spent goes towards something that we are so passionately connected with. We do activities something as simple as planting a tree or making another bird food house. With you, we can do it even on a bigger scale to plant more trees and do more for this beautiful planet.

You can make a diffrence

Words won’t be able to describe how thankful we are that you are on our website and thinking of spending a day in nature.  We appreciate from the heart that you chose our travel agency for your special moments. It applies now more than ever to be brave enough to leave your home to explore out in nature. We would like to take this moment to say THANK YOU for choosing our beautiful, small and yet incredible country to explore and we can’t wait to see you soon!!

Please remember, that we, our team is here for you and we promise we will do everything possible and our best to make your day a memorable experience.

Talk to us. We are a friendly bunch, we are honest and straight forward, and we really know our stuff  – we are locals. And more than that, we truly value you coming to us and genuinely want to give you the very best trip possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

Make an Impact

Find out more about what we do and who we touch through our environmental and sustainable travel policy.

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