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Private Day Trip of Bohemian Switzerland & Saxon Switzerland


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One day Private Trip to Bohemian & Saxon Switzerland

Are you looking for an adventurous and exciting day trip from Prague? Then you have come to the right place, for we can provide you with a memorable day trip through the impressive and breathtaking Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park.

Our private day tour is designed to introduce you to all the beauties of this magnificent nature reserve with a professional tour guide.  You can choose your preferred pick-up time and location, which will be discussed in detail during your first contact. This private tour is aimed to make your tour day special and intimate to make the best out of your time in the Czech Republic. Most of our customers say that This trip was their Best Day in the Czech Republic.

We provide you with carefully selected multiple sites to choose from to really make this tour fit your personal liking. This tour is designed to give you a unique experience of Czech nature. You can choose from moderate hikes around 11-15 km to easy hikes around 3-5 km. This tour is accessible for everyone from casual hikers to advanced hikers or to those who just want some nice sightseeing and some relaxation.

Fairytale Landscape of sandstone rock cities, stunning views of Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland

Whether you’re looking to relax while enjoying breathtaking views of the country’s stunning nature, want to learn a bit of the history of this region or are more of an adrenaline junkie. This one-day trip to Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park has something for every traveller from young children to adults. This Private tour is accessible to individuals who want to explore this national park without compromising anything in a group tour. The fixed price of the tour is available for individuals up to a max of 8 people. You are in charge of the day and pace and we will be there to guide you with our exclusive vehicle to make your day memorable.

Pricing Table

1 Person 600 Euro
2 Pax 700 Euro
3 pax 800 Euro
4 Pax 900 Euro
5 Pax 950 Euro
6 Pax 1000 Euro
7 Pax 1100 Euro
8 Pax 1200Euro

NOTE: Bringing kids on board? Contact our team directly for special deals. 

‘Group of 9 or more? Please send us a message to get even better discount.’

Please Note- During the Winter season we have further discounts on our Private tours. Please book your tour directly here and we will adjust the winter discount upon receiving your booking. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by emailing us at [email protected] and we will guide you through the private tours, discounts and sites you can explore during the winter season.

Here are a few of the sites that you can choose from. We will help you pick and design your day but you will always be in charge.

Tisa Rocks Labyrinth in Bohemian Switzerland

Walking through the sandstone of Tisa is an experience all by itself. But it is only the tip of the iceberg. You will have a chance to see the beauty of the natural surroundings while standing on and under the rocks. The sandstone rocks are a great place to observe a vast variety of native species of plants and animals.

Tisa rocks is also a great place for photography and videography, bringing a unique perspective to your images. Its unique geological nature makes it a great place for climbing, hiking, rock-jumping, leaping, climbing and boulder-climbing. This unique sandstone park is a great place to get to know a variety of species while enjoying the magnificent views of the surrounding nature.

The Pravcicka Gate with the Falcon´s Nest Hotel

Be ready for a miraculous experience and step into the world of magic and wonders that has inspired millions. The Pravcicka Gate with the Falcon’s Nest Hotel is truly one of the wonders of the world that appeared in the first part of the Chronicles of Narnia. It is the biggest European sandstone arch – 21 metres wide, 16 metres high and about 8 metres thick.

The Pravcicka Gate (Czech: Pravcicka Brana) is a sandstone arch. It is located in the western part of the Pravcicka reserve, between the villages of Hrensko and Pravcice, on the border with the German state of Saxony. To get there, you should be ready for about a 3.5-kilometre hike from the parking place in Hrensko (the Czech Republic) – about 45 minutes. You constantly walk up a hill, yet it is not so demanding. Most of the hike leads through a pleasant peaceful forest full of calm sandstone rocks. The Gate itself is awesome and is definitely worth the hike.

The Gorges of the Kamenice River

The Kamenice River is one of the most famous and popular rivers of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park, Czech Republic.  It has two branches, known as ‘Edmund and Wild Gorge’, and is known for its sandstone cliffs, narrow gorges and tunnels.

You will walk beneath rock ledges, through several tunnels and across narrow bridges. You will be so deep in the heart of Bohemian Switzerland that some parts are only accessible on a small riverboat. The cruise between the narrow sandstone walls is one of the most serene experiences and favourite spots in the national park.

This hike is open from the end of March to the last week in October.

The Bastei Bridge

You’ve often heard the phrase, “Go west, young man”. Well, we say, “Go north, young man”. Go north into the north of Germany, to Saxony, a state of Germany that is divided into two parts – Saxony-Anhalt in the east and the Free State of Saxony in the west. Travel to the north of the Free State of Saxony and the north of the Elbe-Labe lowland, And you will reach, one of the most famous rock formations in Germany, a bridge of sandstone that connects the rocks of Bastei with the ruins of the Neurathen rock castle.

The Bastei Bridge spans the Elbe Canyon and the old Neurathen Castle. The Bastei Bridge is 305 m above sea level. It is technically built of two arches. As you walk on the Bastei Bridge, look back and you’ll see the ruins of Neurathen castle. The Elbe River flows under the Bastei Bridge. The sandstone bridge was built in 1850. The bridge is a fine example of the work of a great architect, Hermann Wilker.

Bastei is truly something exceptional – a romantic bridge high on rocks overlooking the Elbe river canyon and its curving part along with a town of majestic rocks and ruins of something that is hardly believed to have been incapability of human beings.

Konigstein Fortress in Saxon Switzerland Germany

The Königstein Fortress is located in the heart of the Saxon Switzerland National Park. It was built on a rock which towers 247 metres above sea level and offers an unforgettable view of the surrounding area. The fortress has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1999 for its exceptional significance.

The world-famous “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” oil painting with the back of a hiker with a walking stick, gazing across the bare rocks was inspired by the rock formations of Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland and makes this place truly unique.

Dresden City Tour

Dresden is the capital of the German state of Saxony. It is situated in a valley on the River Elbe, near the Czech border. Dresden is often called “Elbflorenz” (Florence on the Elbe) because of its Baroque architecture and many gardens. The historic centre of Dresden has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Dresden has a long history as the capital and royal residence for the Electors and Kings of Saxony, who for centuries furnished the city with cultural and artistic splendour, and was once by personal union the family seat of Polish monarchs. Vibrant art, music, culture and architecture became the pillars of the city’s image as the capital of Saxony, eventually making Dresden Germany’s capital of culture in 2006.

Dresden’s history has seen a wide variety of cultural and religious influences flow into the city, originating from the Germanic mythology and the literature of ancient Greece and Rome, culminating in the Renaissance and spreading further to modern times.

Whether you are a native of the city or a visitor, this guided tour of Dresden is a perfect opportunity to take in the rich sights and sounds of this beautiful and historically significant city. At the forefront of the city’s stunning historical architecture are the Old Master Gallery and Royal Palace; both of which draw thousands of visitors from around the world each year. This tour of Dresden allows you to see the city like never before.


  • Choose from the mentioned Highlights: Based on your hiking preference, availability etc.
  • Tisa Rocks Labyrinth in Bohemian Switzerland
  • The Pravcicka Gate
  • The Gorges of the Kamenice River
  • The Bastei Bridge
  • Konigstein Fortress in Saxon Switzerland Germany

Bulk discount (by Amount)

Bulk discount adult
# Discount group From adult To adult Value
1 Group of 2 2 2 €500,00
2 Group of 3 3 3 €1.000,00
3 Group of 4 4 4 €1.500,00
4 Group of 5 5 5 €2.050,00
5 Group of 6 6 6 €2.600,00
6 Group of 7 7 7 €3.100,00
7 Group of 8 8 8 €3.600,00


7.30 AM – 9.30 AM: Pickup and Transportation
7.30 AM – 9.30 AM: Pickup and Transportation

Your Private Tour guide will pick you up at your hotel in the morning. From that point, our mission is to give you everything you need to enjoy the day trip to the fullest. During the drive to Northern Bohemia in our comfortable van/Private car (2 hrs), we will provide you with knowledge of the National Park, Czech country, and information about the trip.

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Explore your first Highlight
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Explore your first Highlight

We will start our first hike around 10 AM depending on what time we start in the morning. We will keep the pace of the tour based on your liking. The first part of the hike takes around 2-3 hours.

12.30 PM – 13.30 PM: Lunch in our stunning restaurant
12.30 PM – 13.30 PM: Lunch in our stunning restaurant

The next stop will be delicious lunch included in your tour – right in the middle of the national park!-- Are you vegetarians, vegans, allergics or meat lovers and are you interested in national Czech cuisine?? We will treat you to the main course and a drink of your choice :). This newly renovated restaurant will surprise you not only with amazing dishes and local beer but also with a beautiful steampunk-style interior, which is decorated with gears, rivets and a huge clock, whose gears are visible every hour with 40 seconds rotates accompanied by the sound mechanics.

14:00 PM - 16:00 PM: Explore the Second Part of the Day
14:00 PM - 16:00 PM: Explore the Second Part of the Day

We recommend guests choose from 2 to 3 highlights to explore in One day to have an amazing experience of Bohemian Switzerland. We will suggest to you the best possible itinerary to fit your liking and to include as much uniqueness of Czechia as possible. the beautiful river hikes/Boat ride and Bastei bridge etc fit nicely for the second part of the hike.

16.30 AM – 18.00 PM: Back to Prague
16.30 AM – 18.00 PM: Back to Prague

We will drive you back to your address in Prague with your camera full of beautiful pictures and one more amazing story to tell.


  • All-inclusive full-day Private trip to the very unique spots of the National Park.
  • Pick up and drop off from your address in Prague or nearby.
  • An informative, friendly and experienced private tour guide.
  • Snack pack & water for the day.
  • Tasty Ala carte lunch in a local restaurant (main course and drink).
  • Modern A/C transportation with FREE Wi-Fi (Subject to reception).
  • Hiking equipment (raincoats, walking sticks, etc).
  • All entries and fees.
  • Any personal expenses.


Choose your hiking Difficulty
English Speaking Tour Guide
Hotel Pickup/Drop Off
Suitable for Family
Veg/ Vegan Meal Options Available

Tour's Location


Is this tour an alternative to Best of two countries in One day tour

This tour is created to give a unique experience of the Elbe River Sandstone mountain range. This tour takes you to a unique natural experience away from Regular and more touristy spots making it a truly personal experience and one of the best nature tours in Europe. This private tour is custom-made to fit you and your group. You will be in charge of the pace of the tour and will also be able to select your own pickup time and highlights to visit. You will also decide the pace of the tour so you don't feel any pressure whatsoever and have a more relaxed nature experience with one of the best outdoor guides team in Europe.

from €600,00

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