Immerse yourself in the great outdoors of the Czech Republic! Hiking is a fantastic way to experience nature on your feet, discovering cultures, beautiful landscapes and history.


A Czech Republic hiking trip can normally range between half-a-day excursions to over a few days of adventures. With our travel and hiking experience around the world, we feel that no matter where you are in the world, joining a hiking trip with a local guide is essential to a safe and interesting experience. In a guided tour along with their knowledge of trails and paths, guides can help you plan a balanced tour according to your needs and fitness level. 


There are some incredible hikes in the Czech Republic. Some of the best hikes in Czech require a modest effort of just a few hours walking and are perfect for one day out in nature. Most of the guided hiking tours start from the beautiful city of Prague and its also a fantastic destination for any kind of traveller visiting the Czech Republic.


Bohemian and saxon Switzerland National Park
Beautiful Bohemian Switzerland National Park

A guided small-group hiking tour is ideal for travellers who prefer the company of like-minded, active individuals and appreciate the local knowledge imparted by expert guides. Your hiking guide is with you from the time your tour commences until it concludes. On a guided hiking tour you’ll share memories and laughs with travellers from around the world, who also appreciate the benefits of exploring Bohemian Switzerland on foot. The group is always small with a max of 8 people participating.


What are the Best Trails for Hiking in the Czech Republic?


Looking for the nicest places for hiking in the Czech? It is not easy to select them as Czech, One of the smallest slices of Central Europe is known for its landscape of low-rolling hills and beautiful countrysides.

The Czechs, known for their prowess in making beer and playing hockey, are also a nation of prolific hikers. It is also a reason the network of hiking and biking trails in those hills of southern Bohemia remains among the Continent’s most pristine and untrammelled. The Czech Republic has nearly 24,000 miles of colour-coded hiking trails, stretching from Karlovy Vary in the northwest to Ostrava in the east 

We try to put some of the best hiking trails we think you should explore while you are in the Czech Republic. We will discuss mainly the Northern Bohemian hiking trails and leave the rest for your research otherwise it would be a never-ending article.

The Pravcicka Gate Hike in the Czech Republic


Pravcicka Gate-Pravčická brána
Pravčická Gate or Pravčická brána is the biggest sandstone arch in Europe

Bohemian Switzerland National Park is a unique national park in the Czech Republic full of sandstone formations. Was created millions of years ago and offers some breathtaking experiences. These days, the area is fully forested with only a few small cute villages. It takes about 2 hours from Prague to reach the centre of the national park by car and there are many beautiful highlights to explore.

Once you reach the centre of the national park, Hřensko village is the starting point for all main hikes. You can take the most popular 3.5 km hike to The Pravcicka Gate from the main parking spot. Pravčická Gate or Pravčická brána is the biggest sandstone arches in Europe and the second biggest in the world. It even appeared in the Chronicles of Narnia movie! Right next to it there’s a beautiful old wooden hotel from 1881 called Falcon’s Nest, which used to accommodate noble families and now is still open for visitors as a restaurant.


The Gorges of the Kamenice River

Hiking in the Georges of the Kamenice river, Bohemian Switzerland

This is one of the most scenic hiking trails in Bohemian National Park. You will walk beneath rock ledges, through several tunnels, and across narrow bridges. You will be so deep in the heart of Bohemian Switzerland that some parts are only accessible on a small riverboat. 

The cruise between the narrow sandstone walls is one of the most serene experiences and favourite spots in the national park. People operating boats keep telling made-up stories about the rock shapes – what they might resemble. You will only be given a maximum of 4 true pieces of information – the name of the river, the duration of the boat ride, the length of the canal and the beginning of the operation, yet you will not mind in this special 20 min ride. All the rest is left to your imagination. There is a lot of fun on the boat and the serenity down there is priceless. Take a guided tour with Bohemia Adventures to explore this beautiful fairyland with a professional English speaking tour leader, who will show you stunning spots off the beaten path only known between locals. This is really easy walking by the river Kamenice takes approx 1 hr including the boat ride.


Tisa Rocks Labyrinth

Tisa-rocks-labyrinth hike is one not to miss

The Tisa rocks Labyrinth or Tisa walls are also known as Tiské stěny in Czech are tall sandstone formations overlooking the town of Tisá. These rocky formations create gates, peaks, towers and alleys of the Rock Town hiking route. This rock town is truly a hidden gem on the Czech and German border. The rock formations are trippy and seem to be out of this world. The hike will take you to the top and the views from the top of the rock formations are priceless. We highly recommend you to take this hike when you visiting the Czech Republic. It is only a 1,5 hrs drive from Prague, accessible for everyone. Tisa is especially a dream spot and Czech mecca for rock climbing.


Bohemian Paradise hike in the Czech Republic

Hiking in Bohemian Paradise is a day well spent


Another beautiful hike around the northern part of the Czech Republic lies the Bohemian Paradise UNESCO Geopark. It is about an hour’s drive by car from Prague. If you’re short on time and looking for a quick escape from the hectic life of the nation’s capital city, this is the place to be. The Geopark sits in a deep valley of the Jizera River with the backdrop of the Jizera mountains at every turn. Check the Cesky Raj website to discover more about this trail.


Vally of Bila Opava River to Praděd, Moravia

Bílá Opava River view, Moravia


Embark yourself on a discovery of the beautiful, rugged wilderness of the Jeseniky Mountains on this beautiful 10 Km track. The trail goes from Karlova Studanka, through the romantic valley of the Bílá Opava River, to Praděd, the highest peak in Moravia. Its mostly a Forrest trail to have peace of mind time and one of the best trails to do if you are in the south of the Czech Republic. Don’t forget to visit some of the best vineyards in the country while you are in Moravia. Get more information on this from the Czech trail’s website.



There are several trails to take in the Czech Republic and once you decide to travel outside of Prague than there are thousands of hiking trails. We’ll recommend starting from the Northern Bohemian hiking trail to Bohemian Switzerland first for one of the One-day hiking trips from Prague and then continue to explore the east and then south of the Czech Republic. Since its one of the small countries to travel with ample opportunities for hiking and other adventure activities so you are up for some amazing surprises.