Lets start the article with the news that The Czech Republic is ready to host tourists from 22nd June! This great news came out on 21st June. The number of countries from which is possible to arrive in the Czech Republic is extended to all member states of the EU, selected states from non-EU and newly also the United States of America. Keep reading the article to get more details on this and to see how traveling to Czech Republic is going to be like in 2021.

The background story of travel in 2020 and early 2021

2020 has been a strange year for the whole planet. It is the year many of those Hollywood science fiction films came real as the whole world noticed a life-threatening virus emerges from China and spreads around the globe. There are thousand of blogs, news, articles around to read. There are many specialists and also self-proclaimed specialists to discuss this whole situation with. Well, this blog is not about that. This blog is to help travellers, free spirits, and adventure seekers to see what traveling to the Czech republic in 2021 be like and what you can expect.

As the coronavirus outbreak spread across the world, and then the variants of the virus. It badly affected the businesses, personal lives of many around the world and it was no different for the Czech Republic. We ourselves witnessed the effect of covid-19 at the personal and business levels.

The lives and plans of millions have been affected by this virus. The situation of information and reactions didn’t help us either. Not to forget millions of lives of innocent humans globally. But what it really did as an extended effect that it took our freedom away, made us put on a mask, and made us keep ‘Social distancing’ from even our loved ones in the time of their need. It showed us how weak is our immune system and our mental health.

As the old saying goes ‘There is light after every dark night’ so is this whole situation. This outbreak made us sit back in our homes and observe the world and our own lives. It also gave us time to sit back and see where we stand as the human race and where our planet stands.

Traveling to the Czech Republic in 2021

Travel is a symbol of our freedom, it is an expression that we can experience places, people, and cultures. It unites us as humans and gives us a chance to meet people before we judge them. Opinions of media, social media, and even government protocols can really keep us far away from the truth.  We say it as a travel business and individuals with experience of traveling to more than 60 countries. If there is one expression that can truly unite humans as peace-loving creatures then Travel surely stands as one of the primes.

However, simple travel has become a complicated thing these days with the ever-changing situation around the globe. We don’t have the freedom to just pack our bags and go. You’ll have to follow few government protocols in order to travel in 2021. So if you are one of those light warriors, adventure seekers,s or simply want to enjoy the best of what mother nature has created then a little bit of research can make it happen.

Entry Rules to the Czech Republic in 2021

The situation in the Czech Republic has gone much better now compared to a few months ago. The rollout of Vaccination, lockdowns, travel bans, and social distancing around the world may have played their role in it. Also, there is individual consciousness of people to raise their hygiene standards may have played its part. So as of June 2021, the situation looks much better in the last one and a half years. Who knows what the future brings but we are happy that some sort of freedom is beginning to happen.

Ministry of Czech issued an Entry rule on June 21, 2021. It is the latest guideline to know if you can enter the Czech Republic in 2021 as of now.

Rules for entry and return to the Czech Republic (as of June 21st, 2021)
– citizens of Czechia and foreign nationals with a residence permit issued by Czechia
– citizens of EU+ and foreign nationals with a long-term or permanent residence permit issued by EU+

Czech republic Covid 19 update, Travel to czech republic in 2021

Rules for entry and return to the Czech Republic (as of June 21st, 2021)
– 3rd-country nationals who do not have any residence permit issued by Czechia or long-term or permanent residence permit issued by other EU+ countries
– 3rd-country nationals who have a short-term visa issued by Czechia before 11th May 2020 or short-term or long-term visa issued by other EU+ country

Entry to Czech republic for non EU countries, Entry to Czech for Americans, British, Australian, Indian

The above-mentioned rules and images can be accessed at the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech republic.

You can access the list of countries that are considered high, low, or medium risk here. Other useful forms and information can be found here before you travel to the Czech Republic in 2021.

What to explore in the Czech Republic in 2021

If you are one of those winners that make it happen and come to the Czech Republic. You are up for some beautiful surprises. Since a number of lockdowns in the last many months, one great thing happened. Nature around the world got some free time to recover. Even though we are proud that Czech as a nation is very outdoor. We keep great care of our nature, forests, mountains, and lakes we manage to get more time off to plant more trees and make more birdhouses and really got more connected to nature in last several months and now we can not wait to show you what we got. Here are few things that you can do with us

  • If you are visiting the Czech Republic for a short period of time then we recommend visiting Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park in our day tour. This is perfect for you to explore the best of Czech nature in one day with similar-minded people who also been through all the protocols to make sure a safe and pleasant experience.
  • If you want to experience the Czech Republic in the best way possible then you must try a Private Tour with Bohemia Adventures. This tour is designed to give you custom build trips that can be spread over few days to explore the best of the Czech Republic. You can mix hiking, adventure, and relaxation, or anything else that you fancy. The flight to the Czech will really be worth it with great memories that you’ll make.
Walking tour to Bohemian Switzerland from Prague

Does the Czech Republic worth Visiting in these situations?

We fought hard to be in a situation where we could bring back the ‘new normal’s. We are one of the countries in Europe that is safer to travel compared to many others.  But more than anything else the Czech Republic has a real gem of nature. It has an incredible history, story, sense of humor, and it’s quite affordable compare to most countries in Europe. So if you can make one trip this year to break free, we really recommend choosing the Czech Republic and you will be a fan of it for life.  If you need to speak before you travel then we will be happy to help you. We are just a click away from a call or live chat. Our updated travel policy in 2021 is made for you to travel with safety and fun. Bohemia Adventures are keen to show you our world and we wish you good health.