Prague day trips

If you are visiting Prague, there are also numerous day tours from Prague you can take around the city. Find out why charming Bohemian & Saxon Switzerland National Park is one of many fantastic all year round destinations easily reachable as a one day trip from Prague.

Those of you who love old towns with a lots of history and impressive architecture will probably know Prague as a popular all year-round tourist destination, however, the Czech Republic has many other fantastic year-round destinations to offer. Lets go explore a bit of our Czech fairytale rocky landscape located in the North of the country, Bohemian & Saxon Switzerland National Park. Find out more on why Bohemian & Saxon Switzerland is such a great destination as a one day break from the busy city.  Please check TripAdvisor Prague to see what our customers have to say about us.


Hrensko is a small village in the North of the Czech Republic and is the essential gateway to enter the National Park Bohemian Switzerland. The village with its attitude of 115 meters is the lowest-lying village in the Czech Republic. Hrensko is also the main starting point for hiking trails to the Pravcicka Gate, symbol of the national park and to the Gorges of the Kamenice River, which offers gentle trails along the river and refreshing boat rides. Wherever you go around here, there’s alway something spectacular to see nearby, as the village is mostly situated in a beautiful green valley surrounded by high rock walls from both sides.

Pravcicka Gate

The Pravcicka Gate, symbol of the Bohemian Switzerland, is one of the most attractive natural formations in the Czech Republic and proudly owns the title of the largest sandstone archway in Europe. In 2009, Pravcicka Gate also fought in a survey of the New7Wonders of the world. The attractiveness of this monumental rock bridge is easily accessible on a short hike from a small village Hrensko, just about 2 km. The area is open from April to October, however, Bohemia Adventures team offers also off-season winter hiking tours.

Gorges of Kamenice River & boat ride

The Kamenice River and its beautiful gorge is a must walk/hike natural attraction in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. The gorge itself with freshly green walls and dripping crystal water on the rocks is simply enchanting and gives you the feeling to be a part of Amazonia forests. The gorge offers boat cruises down or up the river. It’s pretty easy to access the gorge (about 2 km from Hrensko village) and the trail is well set out and well maintained and protected. Not surprisingly, it’s the most visited natural attraction in the Bohemian Switzerland.

Mariina vyhlidka

Mariina vyhlidka, also called Mariina rock is a marvellous viewpoint 428 m above sea level. Its wooden gazebo as a little gem on the top of a rocky hill will provide you with incredible romantic views of the surrounding area after you finish your hike. It is truly the most famous and perhaps also the most popular place for hiking trips in Jetrichovicke rocks area. The wooden shelter is no longer original, it was damaged in 2005, probably due to a forest fire caused by irresponsible tourists. Now, after its rebuilding, this rocky peak is again accessible to the public and allows relaxation or romantic observations of the sunset.

Dolsky mlyn

If you are looking for a hidden romantic spots and unique atmosphere, then remains of mill Dolsky mlyn is also the right place. The mill is located near village Jetrichovice and nearby river Kamenice. It was not by chance, that this location has been selected for filming of one of the most popular Czech fairytale about a proud princess. The ruins of the original three-wheeled mill and sawmill date back to 1515. Nowadays, only the torso of the perimeter walls has survived from the original mill structure. In 2007, Dolsky mlyn was declared a cultural monument. When visiting Dolsky mlyn, you can also admire a memorable tree 500 meters away from the mill. The tree has been living for more than 180 years.

Bastei Bridge

Going downstream of the river Elbe just across the border with Germany, you can enter to Saxon Switzerland National Park. The Bastei Bridge is rock formation located in Saxon Switzerland and one of the most unique landscapes in the whole Germany. The rock bridge offers truly a fairytale view. Huge pinnacles of sandstone rock tower over the Elbe River with green countryside around with a dramatic stone bridge as a bonus on the top of all the nature beauty. Even though this spot is in Germany, you can easily reach the Bastei on a day trip starting from Prague, combining this visit with nearby Thermal Baths in Bad Schandau.

Neurathen castle

If you have already decided to go on a day trip from Prague and see the Bastei Bridge in Saxon Switzerland National Park, then you definitely have to stop in here too. Your reward will be remains of Neurathen rock castle from the 13th century with great opportunities for amazing views. Neurathen castle and its location on a huge sandstone massif was chosen to be an observation fortress in the sandstone rock formations of the Bastei. Since 1851, Bastei rock plateau has been connected with a stone bridge. Nowadays, its easily accessible as a labyrinth of rocks with many ladders and bridges, preserved rock chambers, tanks, defensive galleries and signal fire systems.

Thermal Baths Bad Schandau

Cute German town Bad Schandau, located just a few minutes from the Czech border, is a spa town in Saxon Switzerland and offers its Toskana Therme spas with 4 indoor pools, whirpool, Liquid Sound® Temple with thermal saline water, underwater music, and 360° dome visual projections. You can also enjoy multiple types of saunas and surrounding cooling down areas. A visit to the Saxon Switzerland is not complete without

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