Team building in the Czech Republic has never been this fun!

Bring your team closer with a fun, Adventure and eventful day with Bohemia Adventures

Bohemia Adventures have a selection of great team activities and team building programs that can accommodate groups of 8 up to 100 or perhaps more. Organization and business who wants to conduct a hassle-free team event and developmental program are more than welcome to speak to us and together we can create a day full of Fun and Adventure.


Bring a sense of adventure to your team

We are an industry leader in delivering corporate team building activities: professionally planning
and creating a fun and adventurous day in the Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park for your Team.

Rock Climbing in Czech Republic
Team Building activities Czech Republic

Try a diverse range of Outdoor activities

The diversity that Bohemia Adventures offers makes it a popular choice for a range of team building activities: corporate retreats to charity events; fun group activities to international company conferences


The team behind Bohemia Adventures have worked regular jobs from Hotel Management to finance, teaching and IT companies. We understand that an outdoor team building programme can leave a lifetime of memories and a sense of belonging to your team that you just can’t get doing anything else. With our well-planned team building days, your Team will learn to bond, cooperate and follow instructions clearly together. They will also understand an increased sense of responsibility more than with any other forms of team-building exercises.

Some of the activities we offer for our team building days include: Climbing and Via Ferrata, Rafting, Horse Riding, Mountain Biking and Hiking all in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Why Bohemia Adventures

We are an Outdoor Adventure company and we believe we have “an event for every occasion”. We have experience with handling big groups and we are EXPERTS in planning, organising and executing an Epic Day. Our most recent big group was from “Dirigo” and came all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel. Dirigo, a world-leading Conference and Events company, have chosen us for their team building events. We have organised multiple corporate team building events with them with the age group being between 18 to 60 with NO or GOOD level of outdoor experience.

Our Outdoor team building events are for EVERYONE


Team Building in Prague

Prague is an extremely popular conference destination with a new international congress centre. World-renowned hotels, venues, and internationally-acclaimed restaurants and chefs have made it one of the sought after place. Therefor We think If you are based in Prague or Visiting Prague you should consider planning a team Activity day with us.

Our ‘Team Building Day’ is very straightforward. We pick you up from your Hotel/Hostel or Home in Prague. We take you to the beautiful and eye-opening centre of the Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park. Whatever your choice of activities, we take your team straight to the
activity centre. We highly recommend Via-Ferrata, Rafting or Horse Riding to start the day followed by a delicious lunch and conference in Satara Plynarna. This old Gasworks, converted to a beautiful and stunning restaurant will give you a sense of belonging and being PART OF NATURE. Depending on your requirements here we can arrange a meeting/ presentation for up to 120 people.

Delicious lunch and conference are followed up by either a beautiful boat ride or a small hike to Bastei Bridge. Both of these activities are a rare combination of ancient sandstone rock formations and Man’s ingenious craftsmanship. We truly care that you get the most from your day.

So help us help you and together we can create something special.
Simply get in contact with Bohemia Adventures and let’s start planning your Team Building Day now. Get in touch with us to find out what we can create together for your team or group or Big family day out. Whatever the occasion, we can create an OUTDOOR EVENT for it.


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