The Czech Republic is an amazing tourist destination offering visitors a huge variety of attractions and activities for all tastes and ages. Sun, spring and snow are available in abundance. Nature worshippers will want to head straight to the famous Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park or Bohemia paradise to bag their share of time in nature. If you prefer mountains to city-escape, you can add the beautiful Krkonoše Mountains to your list. For city lovers, Prague, a city of a Hundred Spires, a UNESCO monument and one of the most beautiful cities in the world is great to start your journey. Although the Czech Republic is one of the smaller nations in Central Europe, still it won’t disappoint travellers looking for a taste of Europe. We have prepared a list of places and activities to do while you are in the Czech Republic and we think if you follow it you will have a great time here


Best things to do in the Czech Republic


1. Explore Prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In the spring, when Petřín Park is in bloom with thousands of cherry blossoms? In the summer, when the elegant gardens of Prague Castle allow for pleasant lazing in the shade of its fountains? In the autumn, when the colourful leaves fly along the sunlit banks of the Vltava, or in the winter, when the roofs and towers of the Old Town are covered in a white blanket of snow? Prague, the city of a hundred spires, is simply a paradise on earth for the romantic spirit in each and every one of the seasons. Why don’t you come and experience some unforgettable moments in one of the most beautiful cities in the world too?


What to do in Prague?

The city of Prague offers a number of places to visit such as The Old Town Hall with the famous Prague Astronomical Clock. The winding lanes of the Jewish Quarter, which you know from the novels of Franz Kafka, are steeped in the legend of the Golem. Cafes enticing you to come and have a seat, boutiques and sight-seeing cruises on the Vltava. The Gothic Charles Bridge and Church of St. Nicholas in the Lesser Town, are the most beautiful Baroque church in Prague. The Palace Gardens set away from the bustle of the city, Petřínwith a lookout tower reminiscent of a small Eiffel Tower and Prague Castle … Each of Prague’s districts has its own characteristic atmosphere and unique charm. Prague presents itself to you as a changeable city, which likes to alternate styles: it is romantic and successful, ancient and modern, but above all, it is a city that is cosmopolitan through and through and is used to welcoming foreigners. It is time to get acquainted. Please visit Czech Tourism website for more information.


2. Visit Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park

This national park is situated in the northwest of the Czech Republic and east of Germany called Saxony. Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland NP feature astonishing sandstone rock formations that developed over millions of years. The beauty of the place above all lies in a combination of several natural phenomena – majestic rocks and rock cities, amazing lookouts, romantic valleys, wild ravines, deep forests, winding roads, caves, the curving Elbe river, clean rivers and brooks and unique flora and fauna. People living here for centuries have enriched the places with certain monuments and specific architecture like rock castles, historical monuments and vernacular buildings. There are many day trips from Prague to take you to the centre of this national park.


What to do in Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National park

There are several activities you can do in this national park such as hiking, Rafting/Canoeing, Horse riding tours, E-Biking, Mountain biking and more. Bohemia Adventures is a local outdoor company here and works with various outdoor sports and day tours. It is always a great idea to get in touch with Bohemia Adventures if you have any particular activity in mind and would like to see it in action.


3. Visit Bohemian Paradise (Eastern Bohemia)

One of the most beautiful places to visit in the Czech Republic is Eastern Bohemia, home to the breathtaking Bohemian Paradise. This area of outstanding natural beauty is famous for its many massive rock formations that protrude from the ground like spikes and pillars, formed by tens of thousands of years of erosion by the elements. If you like mysterious rock cities and table mountains, You will get your full share of them here. Adršpach rock city is one of the most famous ones in the Czech Republic. Military monuments constitute a rarity here, for example, the Josefov Fort or locations commemorating the Battle of Hradec Králové in 1866. The most important event is the famous Velká pardubická Steeplechase. It is also worth visiting the wonderful Renaissance Litomyšl Chateau, which is listed as a UNESCO monument, and also the Baroque complex at Kuks.


What to do in East Bohemia

East Bohemia can boast not only folk and folklore traditions, including handicraft production but also an unrivalled number of castles, chateaux, church monuments and attractive gems of Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau and also modern interwar architecture. You can admire beautiful folk architecture at Veselý Kopec, in the urban monument zone in Hradec Králové or Pardubice, or set out on a safari to Dvůr Králové.


4. Visit Český Krumlov (Southern Bohemia)

Český Krumlov, poetically called the Gate to Šumava, is a town where you either want to live or at least visit repeatedly. The town surrounded by meanders of the Vltava River used to be a seat of many powerful Bohemian families. Today, there is a protected monument reservation in the centre, a large collection of the work of Egon Schiele, a fascinating photo studio, and one of the most beautiful castles and chateaus in the Czech Republic. Thanks to its unique preserved medieval core, Český Krumlov is included on the UNESCO list.


What to do in Cesky Krumlov

South Bohemia is a dream paradise for holidays whether you decide to spend time sightseeing or relaxing. The countryside here offers endless possibilities for visiting places of natural beauty, but also has lots of historical monuments and great conditions for cycling and water sports. Include some charming historical cities into your programme, the most charming of which is Český Krumlov and the village of Holašovice; both places have been listed as UNESCO monuments! A great tip for romance is the neo-Gothic Hluboká Chateau, fans of sports and active holidaying are catered for at the Lipno Reservoir.

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