Are you visiting the Czech Republic and looking for One day tours from Prague to Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland? One day trips are ideal when you are in the country for short time and want to discover the best out of it in a short span of time. Are you excited about exploring the most photogenic natural creations of Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland?

The national park of Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland homes some of the TOP Narnia movie spots such as the Pravcicka Gate. It also offers a romantic boat ride between sandstone formations and a visit to Bastei Bridge with ruins of the old Neurathen rock castle from the 12th century.

There are lots of companies started to offer a One day tour from Prague to Bohemia and Saxon Switzerland national park. Depending on how they designed their tours you will get a chance to see some or many of these beautiful places in One day.

Main places to Visit in Bohemian and Saxon National Park

Beautiful picture of Pravčická Archway
Beautiful Picture of Pravčická Archway ( Pravčická brána )

Some of the Sought after sights of Bohemian and Saxon National park are listed below. This list is taken from Wiki page of Bohemian National park.

Can we visit all the best places in Bohemian National Park in One day?

One day tours would not be able to cover all of the above places just because of the shortages of time to appreciate and also the length of the park is around 79 km² to cover in a day. However, there are few great quality hotels in the nearest villages such as Hrensko. You can look for an accommodation option here. Should you decide to stay in the national park overnight, there are other options such as camping in the designated places within the national park taking Air b&b around nearby towns such as Varnsdorf. We will speak about other activities to do in the national park in our future blogs, however, if you are keen to spend more than a day here and really enjoy the national park to its full potential consider designing a Custom made tour with Bohemia Adventures. Bohemia Adventures have custom-designed activity tours that could be an amazing place to start.


One Day Tour to Bohemian and Saxon National Park

One day trips to Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland national park are designed in a way to cover the Top Highlights or Best places to see in the Bohemian and Saxon part of the national park. If you are planning to take a day tour from Prague to Bohemian and Saxon national park it’s very important to check the planning of the tour by different tour operators. You can check details such as the pace of the tour with respect to the spots to visit within the national park. We recommend you to speak to the tour company if possible when you are booking and check their reviews on websites like TripAdvisor. Bohemia Adventures is one of the best tour operators in this region to provide the best one day tours to Bohemian national park. They have a history of great customer interaction and satisfaction. Bohemia Adventures is highly recommended by TripAdvisor as well. Their tour is specially designed in a smarter way than other tour providers in the area so you don’t have to rush through the day or hike so much that you don’t get to enjoy the national park. The pace of the tours are perfect for a hiking day and have enough time to take pictures and enjoy the day while still seeing the best highlights of the national park

One Day tour Provider in Bohemian and Saxon National park from Prague

Bohemia Adventures have very smartly designed a tour called THE BEST of 2 Countries in 1 Day – Top Highlights of Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland national park. Tour design such as this lets you admire the most spectacular wonders that mother nature created all in one place. You can experience a full day trip, which should be on the bucket list of every nature lover. This particular trip takes you in a small group of people to the place that has been certified as a ‘European Destination of Excellence by the European Commission because of its exceptional beauty.

Best of Two countries in One day- Top Highlights of Bohemian and Saxon National Park

Bohemia Adventures operates a tour called Two countries in One day-Top Highlight of Bohemian NP. This tour from Bohemia Adventures is designed to be guided to the very best spots, experience the local cuisine, enjoy walks and moderate hikes in the most preserved part of the national park and take dozens of pictures while exploring the natural heritage. It takes only about 2 hours drive from Prague to reach Bohemian national park and it’s a different world altogether when you get here.

You can find professional English speaking local guide to take you to the most popular natural attraction in one day tour to Bohemian Switzerland National Park from Prague. Bohemia Adventures tend to have guides with international travel experience and pro in multiple languages including English which will make your tour far more fun since you will have lots to talk about and take new memories home.

Some of the top highlights you will see includes- Pravcicka Gate, Europe’s largest sandstone arch. Filmmakers used it to create the magical world of Narnia in their movie. Mysterious, hidden deep in the woods, the impressive symbol of the National park stands 21 meters tall, leaving all the spectators in admiration. After the first part of the tour gets over, it is time to get some energy- Yes we are talking about delicious food.

The next stop is delicious lunch included in your tour – exactly halfway through the day! Bohemia Adventures have collaboration with local restaurants and they do have options for vegetarians, vegans or meat lovers This is also your chance to try some Czech local delicacies if you are interested in national Czech cuisine. This newly renovated restaurant will surprise you not only with amazing dishes but also with a beautiful steampunk style interior, which is decorated with gears, rivets and a huge clock, whose gears are visible every hour with 40 seconds rotates accompanied by the sound mechanics.

The gorges of the Kamenice river in Bohemian National Park

The gorges of the Kamenice river

The most romantic part of our trip will take place in the gorges of the Kamenice River. You will walk beneath rock ledges, through several tunnels, and across narrow bridges. So deep in the heart of Bohemian Switzerland, that some parts are only accessible on a small riverboat. The cruise between the narrow sandstone walls is one of the most serene experiences and our favourite spot in the National park.

Bastei Bridge Formation

The last point of interest is Bastei in the Saxon part of the National Park (Germany). The Bastei rock formation has plenty of viewpoints over the Elbe canyon on the right bank of the river Elbe. You can walk across the famous sandstone bridge that connects Bastei and explore the ruins of the old Neurathen rock castle from the 12th century.

This tour is designed for small groups so the pace of the tour, interaction guide, others on the tour and nature is very private and everyone goes home with some beautiful memories. If you are looking for a tour that is designed by locals with lots of International travel experience from the UK to Australia, Canada to South America then this tour worth every penny and will give you friendship and memories of a lifetime.. Also don’t forget your Camera, The beauty of this national park will amaze you for a long long time.